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Fire Safety 101: Protect Your Properties & Residents

October 27, 2022 / by OMNIA Partners posted in Facilities & Infrastructure, Group Purchasing Organization, Procurement, gpo

Multifamily housing property fires are one of the most common disasters that cause major damage to communities nationwide. Whether the fire started in one unit and spread or it started as a wildfire, there are a few ways you can put up defense in order to protect your property and residents. 

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Group Purchasing Strategy for Property Inspection Preparation

October 14, 2022 / by OMNIA Partners posted in Group Purchasing Organization, Procurement, Multifamily Housing

Imagine you're sitting at your desk with a mound of work to do and then BAM-an email hits your inbox about an upcoming property inspection. What do you do first? Do you know what steps you need to take to be prepared? 

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How Do Multifamily Housing Owners & Operators Benefit from a GPO?

July 20, 2022 / by OMNIA Partners posted in Procurement, gpo, Multifamily Housing

Multifamily housing owners and operators are managing millions of dollars across numerous categories and often with limited procurement resources. With a growing to-do list, the team responsible for purchasing is tasked with delivering reliable products and services on quickly and at the best possible price. 

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